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Prices & Commissions Prices & Commissions


Pictures can be reproduced as photographic prints, or produced as high quality canvas art.

Photographic prints: Panoramic (36" x 12")  125,  A1 (30" x 20") 95, A2 (24" x 16") 75.

Canvas art: Panoramic (36" x 12")  175,  A1 (30" x 20") 145, A2 (24" x 16") 115.

Please note that the photographs displayed on this website are reduced in both size and quality. Please contact us to see examples of actual prints.

We are very happy to accept commissions.  So if you would like a stunning aerial photograph of your particular stretch of coast, countryside, or your business premises, just get in touch.
Commissions are unique, so prices are negotiable. Telephone 01425 272494 to discuss your requirements.

Trade enquiries are welcome.
Discuss the possibilities by getting in touch.

Sets of postcards are also available.

Due to Andy's medical work, Karen at In The Frame in Highcliffe on Sea deals with enquiries and orders.

Telephone 01425 272494 or visit